Vocabulary Assignment - 10/29/2008

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This page is to help us with our vocabulary assignments for class. Just look to see which words need answering and pick one to define for everyone. Also put your name next to the word you defined. Just use edit at the bottom of the page.

Vocabulary for 10/29/2008

  • Grovel (Cass)

Definition - to humble oneself or act in an abject manner, as in great fear or utter servility
Etymology - Back-formation from obsolete groveling, prone, face downward, from Middle English
Synonyms - abase, prostrate, submit, cringe, fawn
Antonyms - resist, alienate, stand up

  • Cloying (David Terry)

Definition - causing or tending to cause disgust or aversion through excess
Etymology - ME: acloyen: to nail in; cloy: to weary by an excess of food, sweetness, pleasure, etc.;
Synonyms - surfeit
Antonyms - whet

  • Precipitate (Verb)


1. transitive verb make something happen quickly: to make something happen suddenly and quickly

2. transitive verb send somebody or something rapidly: to send somebody or something suddenly and rapidly into a particular state or condition
A minor border skirmish precipitated the two countries into war.

3. transitive and intransitive verb meteorology make rain or snow fall: to cause liquid or solid forms of water, condensed in the atmosphere, to fall to the ground as rain, snow, or hail, or fall in such a form

4. transitive and intransitive verb chemistry separate solid out of solution: to cause a solid to separate out from a solution as a result of a chemical reaction, or separate out in this way

5. transitive and intransitive verb throw or fall from above: to throw somebody or something from a great height, or fall from a great height ( formal )


1. done or acting rashly: done or acting too quickly and without enough thought
I may have been precipitate in accepting their offer.

2. hurried: very hurried
made a precipitate departure

3. sudden: sudden and unexpected

noun (plural pre·cip·i·tates)

chemistry suspension of small particles: a suspension of small solid particles that are formed in a solution as a result of a chemical reaction and usually settle out of the solution

[Early 16th century. < Latin praecipitat-, past participle of praecipitare "throw down" < praeceps "headlong" < caput "head"]

Synonyms: rash, impulsive, impetuous, careless, reckless

Antonym: considered

  • Livid (Eric Delich)

Definition - 1. Discolored, as from a bruise; black-and-blue.
2. Ashen or pallid: a face livid with shock.
3. Extremely angry; furious
Etymology - Middle English livide, from Old French, from Latin lvidus, from lvre, to be bluish
Synonyms - mad, angry, ashen, blanched, bloodless, white, black-and-blue, pissed off (haha)
Antonyms - blushing, brilliant, flushed, radiant, rosy, happy

  • Corroborate

transitive verb

confirm: to give or represent evidence of the truth of something
The photographs corroborate the verbal account.

[Mid-16th century. < Latin corroborat-, past participle of corroborare "strengthen together" < roborare "strengthen"]

Synonyms: verify, validate, document, substantiate, back up, support, uphold, agree

Antonym: contradict

  • Repudiate

transitive verb

1. disown something: to disapprove of something formally and strongly and renounce any connection with it
She repudiated the committee's actions.

2. deny something: to state that something is untrue

3. reject something: to reject something that is offered

4. disown loved one: to disown a family member or lover

5. reject something as invalid: to refuse to accept the validity of something

6. refuse to pay debt: to refuse to acknowledge or pay a debt

[Mid-16th century. < Latin repudiat-, past participle of repudiare "to divorce" < repudium "divorce"]

Synonyms: reject, disclaim, renounce, deny, not accept, rebut, retract, disavow, turn your back on, wash your hands of

Antonym: acknowledge

  • Deference

1. respect: polite respect, especially putting another person's interests first

2. submission: submission to the judgment, opinion, or wishes of another person

[Mid-17th century. <defer2]

Synonyms: respect, esteem, regard, reverence, admiration, awe, obsequiousness, submissiveness

Antonym: disrespect

  • Sardonic

Definition: disdainfully mocking: disdainfully or cynically mocking

[Mid-17th century. < French sardonique, alteration of obsolete sardonien< Latin sardonius< Greek sardanios "scornful"]

Synonyms: mocking, scornful, ironic, sarcastic, derisive, satirical, cutting, mordant, scathing, disdainful

Antonym: sincere

  • Cacophony (Jeffrey)

Definition - harsh or discordant sound
Etymology - Date: circa 1656
Synonyms - strident noise or dissonance
Antonyms - euphemism

  • Fatuous~ Chad

Definition - silly and pointless
Etymology - Latin (Fatuus:"foolish")
Synonyms - these vocab sheets?
Antonyms - necessary

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