Vocabulary Assignment - 10/15/2008

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This page is to help us with our vocabulary assignments for class. Just look to see which words need answering and pick one to define for everyone. Also put your name next to the word you defined. Just use edit at the bottom of the page.

Vocabulary for 9//2008

  • Disparate - Cassaundra

Definition - distinct in kind; essentially different
Etymology - Latin disparātus, past participle of disparāre, to separate : dis-, apart; see dis- + parāre, to prepare; see perə-1 in Indo-European roots
Synonyms - separate, divergent, incommensurable, unlike
Antonyms - together, convergent, alike, similar

  • Pastiche - Zach Byrd

Definition - a literary, musical, or artistic piece consisting wholly or chiefly of motifs or techniques borrowed from one or more sources
Etymology - 1700–10; < F < It pasticcio
Synonyms - hodgepodge, jumble, medley, olio
Antonyms - arrange, order, clear up

  • Decorum - Jeffrey

Definition - propriety in manners and conduct; the conventions of polite behavior
Etymology - Latin, from neuter of decorus
Synonyms - good manners, etiquette
Antonyms - unprofessional, bad manners

  • Perfunctory Eric Delich

Definition - 1. Done routinely and with little interest or care:
2. Acting with indifference; showing little interest or care.
Etymology - Late Latin perfnctrius, from Latin perfnctus, past participle of perfung, to get through with : per-, per- + fung, to perform
Synonyms - cursory, passing, casual
Antonyms - careful, precise, thorough, thoughtful

  • Grievous - Janet

Definition – causing or characterized by severe pain, suffering, or sorrow
Etymology - ME, from F, from Latin (gravare - to burden)
Synonyms - oppressive, onerous, grave
Antonyms - jolly, cheerful, merry

  • Loquacious - Cardonick

Definition - talkative, talks alot or too freely; chattering: wordy
Etymology - Latin - loquaci(ty) derived of loqui, to speak, (ty-denotes numbers, how many.)
-ous, a suffix forming adjectives “possessing, full of" a given quality
Synonyms - Garrulous, talkative, chatty
Antonyms - quiet, reserved, untalkative

  • Sagacious - Justin

Definition – (1) keen is sense perception (2) caused by or indicating acute discernment (3) keen and farsighted penetration and judgement
Etymology -Latin sagac, sagax, from sagire to perceive keenly; akin to Latin sugus prophetic
Synonyms - shrewd, clever, sage
Antonyms - unwise, foolish

  • Boor

Definition: a churlish, rude, or unmannerly person
Etymology - Origin: 1545–55; < D boer or LG būr (c. G Bauer farmer), deriv. of Gmc *bū- to dwell, build, cultivate; original meaning was peasant farmer
Synonyms - lout, oaf, boob, churl, philistine, vulgarian
Antonym: gentlemen

• Nascent: adjective
Definition: 1. just beginning to develop: in the process of emerging, being born, or starting to develop

2. produced in reaction medium: in the process of being created in a reaction medium, often in a highly active form

Etymology: [Early 17th century. < Latin nascent-, present participle of nasci "be born"]
Synonyms: budding, promising, embryonic, emerging, blossoming, burgeoning, growing

Antonym: moribund

Neologism: noun
Definition: 1. new word or meaning: a recently coined word or phrase, or a recently extended meaning of an existing word or phrase

2. coinage of new words: the practice of coining new words or phrases, or of extending the meaning of existing words or phrases

Etymology - [Early 19th century. < French néologisme< néo- "new" + Greek logos "word"]

Synonyms - new word, coinage, buzzword
Antonyms -

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