Using pubmed

I just wanted to give a little help to those who haven't used Pubmed yet. We were required to use Pubmed in our cellular biology course, and this is the FIRST reference I choose to use for science papers because you can REALLY define your search on this site, and you can make sure the articles you are getting are peer reviewed and accessible to the public.

Link: This address brings you right to the search page for pubmed. From this page you can easily define your search and limit your search to the areas you think are necessary. The first thing I do on this page is to enter my search topic in the search box. After I have entered some basic terms, I click on the link just below the search box labled "limits."

Using limits: Utilizing limits will be a big help in restricting your search results. Because we need so many research articles, it is important to know how to limit your results to either review articles or primary sources. ALSO, here you can limit your search to FREE articles. I generally click the box to access "links to full FREE text" right away, ensuring I can always access the article. Under the subheading "Type of article" you can define your search. If you are just starting your search, I would suggesting checking the box "review" because this will only retrieve articles that are secondary sources, which are generally easier to follow. Once you've defined your search, go ahead and click "GO" on the very bottom of the page. This will bring up all your search results. It's pretty easy to use from there!

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